Pfizer proposed a $14 billion manufacturer of encapreppart Medivation

American pharmaceutical company Pfizer is close to buying the California producer of cancer drugs Medivation, according to The Financial Times, citing informed sources.

According to them, the completion of the transaction may be announced as early as Monday, August 22. Pfizer Medivation has offered for more than $14 billion, said the sources.

In addition to Pfizer for Medivation fought several major companies, including Celgene, Gilead Sciences and Merck. In April the French Sanofi offered to buy the business Medivation based on the price of $52.5 per share, or $9.3 billion overall.

Last week, the market value of securities of Medivation was $67,16 per share.

Information about buying Medivation for $14 billion source also confirms to Reuters. While Pfizer and Medivation declined to comment.

In the second fiscal quarter of 2016 flagship drug Xtandi Medivation (insulated), used in prostate cancer, I earned $595 million.