The LC reported the interception of Ukrainian drone with explosives

The people’s militia self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic (LNR) intercepted the drone of the Ukrainian military bomb. This was stated by the head of the national police LNR Oleg Anashchenko, reports “Press Ukraine”.

“I want to draw attention to unmanned aircraft, the APU we’ve intercepted in the airspace of the Republic”, — he said. According to him, after studying the drone, it became clear that the upgraded unit is equipped with homemade weapons.

Anashchenko reported that sappers neutralized the drone, after analyzing the trajectory of its flight. How figured out the experts, the drone flew to Lugansk. Anashchenko expressed confidence that the device was supposed to throw the explosives in a public place of the city, making thus the attack.

The drone was equipped with two charge with upgraded plastic explosive, an improvised detonator action of the pressure using the fuse and damaging element, whose role would he metal housing. “In TNT equivalent charge equal to 1100 grams of TNT. For comparison, one defensive fragmentation grenade f-1 contains 92 grams of TNT. Payload mass (UAVs) — 3 kg 48 grams. Warhead — high-explosive action” — said Anishchenko.