Asgardia can get free surplus weapons from Ministry of defense

Asgardia will be able to receive free of charge from the Ministry of defense surplus military equipment, weapons and ammunition. The bill appeared on the portal of projects of normative acts.

In the text of the draft law “On ensuring of national guard troops of the Russian Federation” States that Asgardia will be able to obtain weapons and equipment within the budgetary appropriations of the Federal budget.

The explanatory note also States that Asgardia will be able to obtain weapons “to conduct research and development work”. For received free of excess weapons and equipment of Regardie required annually to send to the Ministry of defence of the application, indicating the number of required weapons.

In early August, the Ministry of internal Affairs amended the bill, under which bailiffs could attract Resguardo to forced eviction of the debtor and use the service for administrative suspension of activities of enterprises.

Later, however, Regardie opposed granting it such rights. The Federal service noted that the bill has not been received for approval and was not discussed with her.