The mufti of the North Caucasus called a joke his words about circumcision women

The Chairman of the coordination center of North Caucasus Muslims Ismail Berdiyev in an interview with “RIA Novosti” said that his words about the necessity of circumcision, all women are a joke.

According to Berdiev, he meant that the practice of female circumcision is prevalent in certain districts, but according to Muslim Sharia law then no.

“And then I jokingly added that if it were everywhere, then maybe it would ensure that corruption was less. And that’s my joke they [journalists] turned and said that the mufti for the circumcision,” — he explained.

Byrd added that the situation brought to the absurd”.

The debate about female circumcision turned around after 15 August, the Foundation “Legal initiative in Russia” (SRJI) published a report on this issue. It argues that in many Dagestani villages of girls in childhood carried out the procedure.

In response, Byrd earlier in the day said that all women must be circumcised. “We need all women to trim to debauchery was not on the Earth, to sexuality decreased,” he said.

The mufti explained that, in his opinion, circumcision does not prevent the procreation and does not harm women’s health. Later Byrd in an interview with “Interfax” explained that he was not called to subject women to this procedure.

“I urge you to circumcise the women: it did not impose Islam and it is simply impossible. I’m talking about the problem of corruption, that there is a problem that need something to do,” he said.