The Ministry of justice of Russia received a second request of Ukraine on interrogation Yanukovych

The Ministry of justice of Russia is considering the request of the Ukrainian colleagues about the interrogation of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in the videoconference. This is stated in the reply of the press service of the Russian Ministry for query “RIA Novosti”.

Earlier Wednesday, the Deputy head of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine Sergei Petukhov said that he had received a letter from the Russian side, which claimed that the Agency cannot satisfy the petition for interrogation, which Kiev sent in the last month as “at the opening of the request packet revealed the absence of four of the 30 required sheets of the document.

Cocks reported that the Ukrainian Ministry of justice “made a copy of the 30 sheets, again securely sealed with staples and re-sent to the Russian authorities.

Former President Yanukovych in Ukraine, wanted for questioning as a witness in the case of execution of participants of protest actions on the Maidan squads “Berkut” in 2014.