U.S. authorities found signs of a criminal offence in the actions of the VW

The Ministry of justice found evidence of criminal offences in the actions of automaker Volkswagen (VW), recognized previously that the software in vehicles with diesel engines have been configured to pass the environmental tests in the United States, which measures the level of harmful substances in the exhaust gases, reports the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

According to sources, the Ministry of justice did not file criminal charges in the case of VW and is currently the US authorities are discussing with the company the possibility of concluding a new agreement on the payment of her compensation, which may be signed before the end of 2016.

Close to the course of negotiations, sources explained to the WSJ that in a criminal investigation, the VW may be forced to pay a large compensation, although the exact amount is still unknown, as the parties attempt to agree on such amount, which would combine both criminal and civil penalties.

Previously, VW has already signed with the U.S. Department of justice, Agency for environmental protection and the Federal trade Commission agreement in which the agreed to pay as compensation to the owners of half a million diesel cars sold in the US in 2009-2015, about $10 billion and make $2.7 billion in a compensation Fund for environmental damage and to spend $2 billion on manufacturing application of “green technologies” zero exhaust.