Mechanical pencil, M&G 0.5 mm

Latest review relatively expensive pencil caused a storm of emotions.
At the same time I ordered the outwardly decent pencil Chinese (?) M&G.
Today it dropped in my mailbox. I took it in hand and thought, while the right were those who said that it’s silly to buy expensive tools.

Externally it looks decent. By weight it is lighter than the Ohto P-1500pm. Balancing the manufacturer did not bother.

Component parts also did not cause any complaints. All very well.
The body of pencil is made of aluminum and painted with black paint.
Knurling is definitely worse than the same part reference Mitsumishi Uni Shift. But it’s there and feels as if her fingers feel very good.

Supply unit stylus is made of plastic. It pressed on the metal channel.

Tsang made quite accurately. No complaints.

Inoperable supply unit stylus retracts into the hull. Great.

Here. I was waiting for the catch. At normal pressure on the pencil stylus is broken off. I thought you inserted a cheap stylus. But no. Replacement stylus for the Japanese has not led to substantial improvements. When the pressure breaks off the protruding piece of slate.

The reason is the poor quality of the feed unit. The tube is just one and a half times thicker than the stylus.

This pencil I will not be using. Give it to won’t either. The vendor will deliver 3 (three) for the product.
Theoretically you can use, but remember the word you say when broken pencil.

The verdict. This pencil does not advise.