Investor “Myakinino” commented the closure of the station

Investor construction of Myakinino, owner Crocus Group of Aras Agalarov knows nothing about the plans for the closure of the station, reports TASS. Informed about its closure was announced by the Moscow metro.

In an interview with the Agency the businessman said that the station is operated by the Moscow metro, and the collection of money and for the transport of passengers is held by Moscow metro. “We just financed the construction of the station, so I don’t know what sort of problems with security,” he explained.

According to Agalarov, the issue should be resolved between the Moscow metro and the Moscow government. “It [the station] generally is not ours, or in part, in any way,” he said.

The entrepreneur acknowledged that the closure of the “Myakinino” will affect the visit to the premises of a shopping and entertainment complex and concert hall located nearby. “But that’s not the traffic, and that 100-thousand Pavshinskaya Poyma will be left without transport. And our traffic largely arrives by car. And in the concert hall, then they will not go, then the city will lose the concert hall,” he concluded.

On Tuesday, August 16, capital metro announced that the station “Myakinino” will close on August 22 due to the mismatch between the required level of transport security. The metro claim that the station does not belong to them, and built on the principle of public-private partnership with the participation of the Crocus Group.