The majority of Russian employees Total moved in “Zarubezhneft”

French oil company Total held a “mass reduction” of the staff of its Russian subsidiary, announced on Monday by Forbes, citing four sources. According to interlocutors of publication, the work in Total has lost approximately 70% of 600 people, including experts, a defunct place for 10 years or more. And the main reason for the dismissal, the publication pointed to the recent decrease in the proportion of Total in the project to develop the Kharyaga field in the Nenets Autonomous district from 40% to 20%.

But, as it became known to RBC, together with 20% in the Kharyaga PSA Total transferred “Zarubezhneft” the right of the operator of the project, and with them and employees working on this project. Unlike other partners, the operator, in particular, is responsible for the number and competence of staff involved in the implementation of the project, told RBC a source close to the French company. After Total transferred not only his share in the Kharyaga PSA, but also the status of the operator, “the acquisition of the project staff is the task of the operator, that is,” Zarubezhneft”, he added.

The representative of “Zarubezhneft” confirmed RBC that the company was “extremely important” to keep the core employees Kharyaga PSA, which was formed by Total, therefore, the basis of personnel of the new operator of the project were former employees of the Total. Their number is representative of the “Zarubezhneft” is not called.

According to a source close to the Kharyaga PSA, we are talking about around 80% employees of Total, that is about 480 specialists. According to TASS, “Zarubezhneft” moved “in the area of 450-470 employees of French companies”. About 5% of Total staff (30 people) resigned – because of overlapping function, the reluctance to move to the Russian company, etc., continues the interlocutor of RBC. “The whole staff of the Kharyaga project was formed from among the Russian experts”, – underlined in the message “Zarubezhneft”.

A Total representative declined to comment. But a source close to the French company, said that the participation of Total in the Kharyaga PSA is not a major asset among others, the company in Russia. But to complete the transaction with “Zarubezhneft” it was her operating asset, and a significant number of employees of the Russian office had on this project.

In addition Kharyaga, Total owns 18.9% of NOVATEK, the largest independent gas producer in Russia and is implementing a project for liquefied natural gas, Yamal LNG” and develops the Termokarstovoye gas field in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district. “Our main partner in Russia is NOVATEK. and we certainly have ideas for further development in Russia and abroad, but at the moment, it is primarily necessary to run the project “Yamal LNG”, said the chief Executive officer of Total Patrick Pouyanne in the July interview to “Kommersant”.

In 2015, the Total production volume in Russia amounted to 290 thousand Barr. of oil equivalent per day, of which the Kharyaga PSA had less than 5%: 13.2 thousand barrels. a day. The share of Total in NOVATEK (18.9 per cent) on the London stock exchange on Monday (15.30 GMT) cost $5,95 billion, and the package in the Kharyaga PSA, which she sold “Zarubezhneft” was worth “less than $100 million.