The government proposed to give the right to remove and appoint Directors FGUP

The Ministry of economic development proposed to give the government the right to remove and appoint the heads of privatized Federal state unitary enterprises (FGUP). About this newspaper “Kommersant”.

Thus, the Agency proposes to deprive of the right of Federal agencies to accelerate privatization. The Ministry also proposes to leave the ministries for the appointment of heads of the Federal state unitary enterprises, which will be incorporated and connected to other JSC according to the forecast plan of privatization.

According to the publication, the head of Department of corporate governance Ministry of economic development Oksana Tarasenko, the Agency proposed to authorize the Federal property management Agency also for reasons of countering the uncontrolled alienation of property of Federal state unitary enterprises prior to their privatization.

The “unitary enterprise is archaic and opaque form of governance, and poor corporate control registration of property of Federal state unitary enterprises included in the three-year privatization plan is delayed, they are often brought to deliberate bankruptcy, mired in litigation and the property to the time of the sale is leased, or mortgaged,” said the interlocutor of the newspaper. Tarasenko said that the sale of these assets, the Agency is interested, who needs more rights for control over management upon transfer of ownership. In addition, the government have additional powers to assess the validity of the proposals of sectoral agencies on the preservation of the Federal state unitary enterprises as a strategic future which can be solved only by presidential decree.

The Deputy head of Rosimushchestvo Ivan Aksenov added that at the moment for violation of terms, they can only fine the company Directors and to request their dismissal in line ministries. However, Aksenov said, “the fines are paid and the petitions are ignored”.