The court rejected the claim of defenders to the RTR because of allegations of espionage

Savelovsky court of Moscow dismissed the NGO “planet of hopes” in the claim to VGTRK about protection of business reputation due to television stories about the activities of the organization. About this “Interfax” said the lawyer, “Team 29” Daria Sukhikh, representing the interests of defenders.

“The court at today’s meeting refused to meet the demands of the claim about protection of business reputation to the RTR” she said, explaining that on August 15 it was announced operative part of the decision and reasoning will be declared only after three days. Dry added that the refusal of the court will be appealed.

“Planet of hopes” has filed a lawsuit against VGTRK in February 2016. The reason for this was the release of the software is “News” and “Special correspondent”, published in late may and early June 2015. They said that NGOs are allegedly engaged in industrial espionage “American money”. This quote from the story was given in the lawsuit of defenders.

The activists demanded to refute the allegations. However, the court sided with the TV station and decided that these statements are the opinions of the journalist, as indicated by the word “essentially”.

In mid-April 2015, “planet of hopes” was included in the registry of NCOs performing the function of foreign agent. After that, the founder of the organization Nadezhda Kutepova left Russia.