Flashlight GT-Lite or brutal flashlight for little money

Review inexpensive flashlight. Works from 2 batteries of format AA.
Took a flashlight so to speak which is not a pity. Cylindrical shape and with a recessed button( that would be accidentally pressed), well that would be skated, stronger and not expensive. After considering several options I decided to buy this.
Bought for your money – at the price of 227 p. Now even cheaper. Have smwhalo of course that the seller not so much reviews, but decided and ordered.
Sent quickly( for our mail).Packed well in Styrofoam box damage it is difficult.But on the lamp housing I found a small abrasion is visible to the package it did. Well – for the work of the lantern is not scary.
Made from a piece of aluminum, it has a decent thickness, and good thread on the battery cover. There is a rubber ring. On the cover there is an oval hole — you can secure the lace.Openings allow to pass even paracord( thickness), and even larger diameter lace. Machining is deliberately a bit rough – there are little, if any, risks from the processing of the case. But everything went smoothly — nothing clings. I think it was done on purpose – to emphasize its brutality. Of course glass plastic, original shape, attached with screws. The smooth reflector. Modes no – only on / off.The size is comparable with the Quark.
In case quark is placed well.

Look at its size – 146 mm in length( photo why it flips)

Diameter 21.5 mm.

On the head part there are tabs for the mounting screws of the glass. Handled a bit roughly are differing in their shape.

Case thickness 3, 5 mm.

Consider the cover, the threads are very good.

The housing has a groove – seat for the rubber ring.

The button is recessed well – more than on many other lights, if the fingers are very thick to press will be uncomfortable.

Inner diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the battery, there is a small gap.

Machining is good enough. In hands to hold pleasantly. Knurling but no, for some cases it may not be very good.

In the middle hand is placed and held.

The edges of the oval holes of the cover of the bevel is not lifted – a little finger to cling to. Not much — but felt.

Shining white hue. Here near Phoenix, the 10th, and Quark.

Comparison of the reflectors of this light and quark. The depth of “landing” of the led is about the same.

If to sum it up: it is a good flashlight for its price. There are some drawbacks — but for the price… can’t complain. Again made original.
Powered from the power supply that have been seen current consumption. Pulled the battery – connected wire inside.
In one photo, the monitored light, on the other quark at maximum.