Bumper/case from Nillkin for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro

Good day!

I decided to write my first review, so to speak to bring a little benefit to the inhabitants mySKU. As he himself had more than a year read the reviews on this site, but never dared himself to take up the pen. Well, it’s lyrics will cut to the chase.
Ifin a nutshell, the bumper is decent, anyone interested, welcome to under the cat.
After a failed purchase Meizu MX5 Ali(was defective), I ordered Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro 3 3/32, review on it wanted to do but decided it was pointless after “adimahka” has already made him an excellent detailed review which by and large have nothing to add.
I immediately decided for myself that if this device will come to me without marriage, looking to him the glass, but only took it for the first time together, I understand that the bumper is not enough.
Xiaomi RN3P due to the metal performance was terrible, slippery, and tries to slip out of the hand that he once managed to successfully do, and as a result, the chip on a plastic display frame and micro scratches on the display itself

Scratches not visible in the photo, but if you run your fingernail across the screen, felt hooks.
But again, I’ve deviated from the topic, and so after selecting producers, and read many reviews here and on the forums 4PDA, yet it was decided to order the Nillkin, on this day it is one of the best quality manufacturer of accessories for smartphones, although it’s quality to have to pay and not enough at the current rate.
Package includes:
1. Bumper
2. Film
3. Branded cloth
4. Film for removal of small particles from the screen.

Looking for just the bumper without the metal, no loss in quality wireless communication modules and not flip cover.
The bumper came in a well Packed parcel, even the incredible efforts of Russian post failed to dent the corners of the box with the accessory.

The case(if it is current you can call it that) is made very solidly and neatly, there is certainly little drips on the end surfaces, but this is more nitpicking because they do not cling, they do not interfere and you won’t see them if they are not viewed from a distance of 5 cm.
The back is made of matte plastic with anti-slip notch, and of course not without brand logo of the company. In the hands of non-slip, but the feelings, the Softtouch coating that was on my LG P500 much softer and nicer.

Here’s what I didn’t like is that there is no long chamfer under the fingerprint, there is only a fillet with a small radius, which in turn brings some discomfort when unlocking with a fingerprint, but I think it’s a matter of habit.

Could be done similarly

Edge of the bumper on the side of the screen make it theoretically could save the smartphone display from scratches if the smartphone putting the glass down.

The buttons are recessed, press uncomfortable at first, but quickly get used to.

All the holes in the bumper perfectly(no tilt) done on the phone(buttons, microphones, earphones, camera module and fingerprint sensor).

The phone is very snug in the case, there is no backlash, because of this pull the phone from it become very problematic for people without long nails.
This bumper does not substantially increase the thickness of the phone and does not add unnecessary discomfort, except now in a Trouser pocket it does not slip like butter, and with little resistance.

To summarize.

1. Sits perfectly;
2. High-quality plastic;
3. Excellent execution holes;
4. Not greatly increasing the thickness of the device.

1. Price, but in principle the price-quality I think is normal( blame the exchange rate);
2. Not a very convenient hole for the thumbprint scanner;
In conclusion, I will say that I am happy with the purchase, I bought it for 504 RUB, now it’s on sale and the cost is equal to 476,48 RUB, so if anyone wants to own this, it’s time to buy it.
Thank you for your attention, happy to hear in the comments constructive criticism on the review that may not be told or that is not correct.