Millstone grinder – my purchase of the year. Coffee drinkers, You here!

Once the spouse on the women’s forum found the title “Chesnokodavilku – disappointment of the year.” Well, a good laugh, jealous of the level of problems in humans, and forgotten. And it brought up this story when I have after receiving the package and testing in the head appeared the headline: “coffee Grinder – sale of the year ☺

Coffee my wife and I love and drink. I have one – two cups a day, the wife a little more. Coffee we like to brew freshly ground. About the choice of manual grinders, I described in detail in the previous review. There you can also read more about types of coffee, ways of grinding, the material of the millstones and much more interesting ☺

In the same review, I was told that the man is weak, a twist and a hand grinder every day is a test for strong spirit. And go for it only if you love delicious coffee, and b) there are no alternatives.

The choice of alternatives inside me took my lazy and exhausted by spinning the handle the grinder “other self”.

Specialized forums stubbornly and methodically sent to the grinders for 300+ dollars. Obacunone forums said – take the grinder of the knife type for $ 12 and watch it ☺

I decided to see what offers us the China. And he offers us not so much just different. I.e., models 5-6 in a reasonable price segment is present, but they are all some suspicious. Then from an engineering perspective, the design raises questions, reviews suspiciously no one of the sellers, the design idea of the Creator starts off with the appearance.

And by chance, even staying in pessimism, I saw HER! The title began with a New arrival — “new arrival”.

Simple, understandable from an engineering point of view design, photo millstones!, photo of engine!, nothing superfluous, everything is functional, and the cherry on the cake” – shut-off sensor in the absence of a container for ground coffee.

Everything take. Bought immediately. No other purchase my wife and I so was not expecting! The parcel sent via courier SPRS – ie brought her home the courier in 18 days. It was the usual free shipping!

Adjust the consistency of grind

Millstones extracted by rotation in a clockwise direction. The material of ceramics millstones. I.e. the durability is great, but watch out for grains, in contact with metallic object, a paperclip, for example, burrs can crumble. This is a fee for extra hardness.

Maintainability on top. Unscrewed a few screws and put new burrs.

Of course it is necessary to disassemble the machine. Curiously, inside her. The first thing we see is the engine. By the way, the grinder is disassembled by unscrewing one screw. One! It says a lot about the engineer who designed it.

And again, plus the engineer – simple as “3 penny” system of grind adjustment. Washer collar of variable thickness lifts the motor shaft on which is fixed a lower millstone. Simply, I would even say primitive, but in such simplicity is the reliability of the design. Playground with metal šajbočka plays the role of thrust bearing. Interesting solution, I already want to see the engineer who invented it all. At these speeds, if the washer material cast iron, this is brilliant and significantly reduces the cost of construction.

Forgot, comes with brush for cleaning bunkers grinders

Well, enough enthusiasm from the engineering genius of the Chinese, let’s get to grinding.

Pouring coffee, grinding in the situation is the slimmest. The motor is buzzing, coffee is poured slowly into the hopper.

Fantasy – correct me if I see something wrong. It is perfectly smooth, the smallest grinding. At the output of the buttery powder, sleepy at the first opportunity into a homogeneous mass! Is the space!!! What you need to brew coffee in Turku. I rummaged through the drawers, found the remains of ground coffee Lavazza Oro. Poured near. Lavazza on the left. Its coarser grind in our grinder.

Put the grinding to “rough”

Homogeneous coarse grinding – a great result. This is suitable for geyser coffee makers. And in the middle is the right grind for espresso.

I already told you, I want to shake the hand of the engineer?:-)

Well, brew coffee ☺

Mmm, tasty…!!!

And finally a small video

And as a summary. Yes, the whole review was like a summary. I have not seen so well from an engineering perspective invented a device that so efficiently and thoughtfully perform their main function – uniform and slow grinding at the mill coffee, keeping it aroma and flavor. This matchless device in the budget price category. I would like to understand what you put in the grinder for 300+ dollars to justify their price?