For the prevention of disorder in Milwaukee will enter the national guard units

To prevent riots in the city of Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA) will be introduced to National guard units. The corresponding decision was accepted the state’s Governor Scott Walker, reports Reuters.

The riots began in the city earlier on Sunday, after police killed a 23-year-old man. As reported by the local police, two officers tried to stop two men was riding in the car, but they attempted to escape from the guards. The police said that shot during the chase the man was armed with a semiautomatic pistol, stolen during a robbery.

Protesters threw stones at law enforcers and set fire to shops and police cars. As reported by Bi-bi-si, during the riots injured one police officer, his head hit the brick.

In the text messages police said nothing about the ethnicity of the killed, however, the representative of the district where the incident occurred, told reporters that in Milwaukee, there are racial issues and black residents “are tired of living in oppression.”