The Taliban captured the pilot Sevastyanov handed over to the Russian Embassy

Pakistani authorities have handed over to employees of the Russian Embassy piloted by Sergey Sevastyanov, captured by the Taliban (a group “Taliban” banned in Russia) in Afghanistan in early August. About this TASS said the charge d’affaires of Russia in Pakistan Alexander Khozin.

“I confirm that Sergei Konstantinovich transferred to the staff of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, and currently we’re heading to Islamabad,” said Khozin.

Previously the foreign Ministry of Pakistan announced that the Taliban released Sevastyanov and five Pakistanis, were captured, and handed them over to the Pakistani side. The release of the Russian citizen confirmed in the Russian foreign Ministry and expressed gratitude to the authorities of Pakistan and Afghanistan “for vigorous efforts to release the Russian citizen”.

Sevastyanov was part of the crew of a Pakistani Mi-17 helicopter that made an emergency landing in Afghanistan on 4 August.The crew members were taken prisoner by one of the Taliban groups that control the area.