The murder of the lawyer “fighter GRU refused to associate with his profession

The professional activities of the lawyer Yuri Grabowski, representing the interests of “fighter Alexandr Alexandrov in the Ukrainian court, was not the motive for his murder. This broadcast “5 channel” said the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios.

“Motives of murder of lawyer Grabowski was not his professional career, and absolutely other motives that have confirmed the suspects, testified by the ability to view those videos of the torture and interrogation of the lawyer Grabowski, which we cannot, by law, to provide for distribution”, — said Matios (quoted by “112 Ukraine”).

4 Jun Matios said that the investigation into the murder of Grabowski completed, assuring that law enforcers managed to solve the crime. “Murder Grabowski had rather sinister connotations, but with God’s help we managed to solve this murder,” — said the military Prosecutor. It was expected that the case will be submitted to the court at the end of June.

The disappearance of lawyer Alexander Alexandrov, who in Ukraine are called “fighter game”, became known on March 9, 2016. Two weeks later, the body of a human rights activist with gunshot wounds was found in a forest in Cherkasy region. At the foot of the dead man was wearing a bracelet with explosives.

On 29 March the military Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine published a video in which Grabowski before his death refuses to protect Alexandrov. In the video, the lawyer recognizes that “realized his mistake”.

Matios noted that the prosecution there are also other records, which will help the investigation to approach the clientele and figure out the motives of the murder.

Client Grabowski Alexander Alexandrov and one more Russian — Evgeny Erofeev detained in Luhansk region in may 2015. In Kiev claimed that they were active fighters of the GRU. At the same time, the defense Ministry said that at the time of the visit to the Donbass, are both retired from the Russian armed forces. Also the Russian officials have repeatedly stressed that the Russian military did not participate in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

At the same time, the security Service of Ukraine published video of interrogation of the Russians, in which they admit that they are active military. Later Yerofeyev said that he had made these statements under torture.

April 18, the Ukrainian court sentenced Yerofeyev and Alexandrov to 14 years of imprisonment. In late may, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has mercy on the Russians. They returned home at the same time with the Ukrainian aviatrix Hope Savchenko, which in Russia was sentenced to 22 years in prison for his involvement in the murder of employees of VGTK in the Donbass.