Came finally commissioned earlierthis sickly powerbank (hereinafter PB)
As promised, make a custom review. No dismemberment and sverhodarennym measurements/calculations.

there is a discount + coupon seller, the final price would be lower.

Came in 4 weeks with small troubles.
Prodavan initially gave the wrong track, and for two weeks no parcel tracked. Then he woke up (after I repeatedly Polish of his message) and was given the normal track.
In General, 28 days later, the parcel received. Packed was fine, the content is not, Paciano.

And inside this box

Appearance and equipment

Everything is simple — the classic parallelepiped with rounded corners and edges.
Plastic, not easily soiled (cloth all easy to wash) tactile sensations of a good — in spite of a decent weight, probably even in the fall with him, nothing catastrophic will happen.
The button-indicator it cool, pressed, and the color indicates the charge level. Not bright, but noticeable. A nice little thing.


Connectors in PB of four pieces, two for entry and exit. Has led tipronic on/off and hold buttons. It is conventional for such devices in a dark stairwell or just where to highlight, rolled.
There’s also Krakatoa Postings (usb type, length 20cm) and paper instructions (Russian, English there)

features AUKEY PB-T11
dimensions / weight: 150х85х30мм / 540гр
output USB 1: 5V-3A, 9V 2A, 12V-1.5 A (above 6.5 V-2A, above 9V-1.5 A)
USB output 2: 5V-2.4 A
1 input micro USB: 5V-2.4 A;
the Lightning input 2: 5V-2.4 A

As usual, first merged with his Chinese mAhand :-p
What used both usb output, with two green loads 2A. Showed;

according to the observations during the whole discharge, the readings are almost unchanged.
The first output is very stable to ± 0.02, while the second ± 0.1
After >130 minutes, PB is discharged, the button flashes red.

Charging PB
put it on the fill. Here, unfortunately, lies the main disadvantage of this PB — Quick Charge doesn’t work on input — it is unclear what are they in Aikau was thinking not equipping a large 30киломаховый PB, fast charging and input too. Because used as it is.
Were charged at 5.1 V-1.8 A (± 0.1 — ought cable is better to buy –(some sort of cheap, so gave above 3A)
In the process of charging, the blinking green button Plavno, PB is almost not warm.
It was revealed, minus the second device — no pass-through charging, that is when you charge the PB, it does not charge. pichalka

video verification capabilities zaradki PB two inputs at once (47 sec)

thank you maxx76 for the tip
UPD nadybal at work lightning transactions (simple) was charged from two inputs
charging went In at 5.05-1.8 A + 4.95 V-0.8 A — final time will complete at the end of the charging

In connection with the absence of my Apple devices, “lightning” wire is also not there, so check simultaneous charging for two inputs did not work (to be honest, I’m not so sure that it actually is possible, simply in this review, saw the mention of this method. By the way there is, as I understand it, another PB with usb type-c instead of lightning (only on Amazon saw him)

And here, has passed 18 hours (so less turned off immediately-slept) PB is fully charged. The button led is white

Discharge PB
now it’s time to know what he’s capable of as powerbanka. Began to merge with him nashenskie native mAh 🙂
Also connected to both output 2A load.

through 5h of this discharge on the second output ± more (fell to 4.8 V-1.7 A), the QC output is VERY stable : -) of ± not more than 0.05

these green load is heated strongly (>150C) and began to stink and PB normal-just closer to the final discharge was slightly hot at the connectors, but my old HIPER 10киломаховый from 2A load itself is heated decently.

load separately the outputs of the
first one, then the other outputs, stuck at the same time two loads (1A+2A) showed ±0.05

charging from microUSB lightning or not. So the PB which was mentioned above in this plan is even more interesting.

After a little >5 hours PB is dead. totals

Well, more 18киломахов with one BOP while the two outputs, with stable indicators up to a full discharge, I’m not an expert in this area but it looks good. Don’t know whether aitoska of powerbanks so-called buildup, but it may well be that after a couple of cycles the performance will be even slightly higher.

drew attention to the fact that PB is discharged well, for example in another one of my PB Hiper, after a full discharge, after one or two hours can be a little bit drained, and as a led flashlight there shines and shines and shines more than a day for sure, then got tired of waiting and put it on the charger). And Aukey not, after a full discharge, the flashlight turns on less than a minute and goes out.

about Quick Charge
to fully test the QC3.0 I can’t due to the lack of supported devices, and QC-usb Triger not to check (I’m sure? there are specialists who later will fill this gap)
But that’s like my smart QC2.0, charged so ± 0.1

The pros of this PB is worth noting
— the big one. capacity
— stable output until full charge
— compact size (exactly half the thickness of most 20киломаховиков)
Cons is also essential;
— no fast charging for entrance,
— no pass-through charging,
— in the kit, do not know why, is the usb type-c cable (to have put much maxigallery microUSB or Lightning)

A kind of such a device happened. At the intersection of technology, so to speak — is what it is, and no this and that.

my Park powerbankов

Take care! 🙂