In Canada, recorded the first case of intrauterine transmission of zika virus

Canada recorded its first case of zika virus transmission from mother to child. About it reports local TV channel CBC News, citing the Ministry of health of Canada.

As noted in Department, the physicians found the newborn “severe congenital anomaly”. Detailed information about the pathologies of the infant told.

According to the TV station, last week the canadian Minzrav announced the birth of a healthy child fever from infected women.

Earlier strains of the virus, Zeke was discovered in a newborn in new York. According to us authorities, the child’s mother contracted the disease after a trip to the region, where the fever is actively spreading.

Initially, researchers argued that to transmit the virus, Zeke can only mosquitoes of a certain type. Later, however, U.S. physicians registered the first case of transmission of the fever sexually. After the beginning of the epidemic in the Latin American region in the beginning of the year in Brazil have found samples of the virus in saliva and urine. The big danger virus zika is for pregnant women because infection can cause the fetal microcephaly.

In June, after conducting extensive research, the who concluded that the virus Zinka makes fruit microcephaly and Guillain-Barre syndrome.