In Brazil, detained, suspected of preparing terrorist attacks during the Games

The Federal police in Brazil have detained two people in Sao Paulo on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks during the Olympics, which is being held in Rio de Janeiro. It is reported by the newspaper O Globo, citing the country’s police.

In addition, law enforcement officials received a warrant for the arrest of five more people in different States of the country. Three others were called in for questioning. Police believe that the detainees associated with the banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.

The names of the detainees are unknown. The publication notes that the Brazilian authorities decided not to disclose further information on the progress of the operation to identify potential terrorists, so as not to affect the progress of the Olympic games and not to hamper the investigation.

Ten people have been arrested in Brazil on suspicion of having links with ISIS in late July. While the Associated Press reported about 12 detainees. As reported by the then Minister of justice, Alexandre Moraes, the detainees were planning to carry out attacks during the Olympics. The operation to capture the suspects took place in ten States.