“Gazprom” has chosen the Creator of the new television commercials

The winner of the competition to develop the new advertising campaign of “Gazprom” and the video for broadcast on TV channels of Russia and the CIS, became the company “T. G. D.”, reports “Interfax”.

According to the Agency, the starting contract price was $ 22,538 million rubles “T. G. D.” pledged to fulfill his 21,81 million rubles, proposing more favorable terms than, OOO Videozavod” (author of television advertising “Gazprom” about the “Power of Siberia”) and other participants of the contest.

New video should show the “Gazprom” as “the modern world-class company with a stable vector of development, which is implementing a large-scale production and social projects for the benefit of the country”, follows from the specification. The graphic layout of advertising campaign needs to be not only a great and inspiring, but “appealing to the Patriotic feelings”. The video must articulate speaker with a nice soft baritone, “a matter of trust and respect.”

In the fall of 2015, the company “T. G. D.” has received the right for RUB 2,925 million to develop an advertising-informational video for “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz”. In 2016, the same “T. H. D.” was signed contracts for the development and production of greeting cards dedicated to the celebration of the day of workers of oil and gas industry and the New year (the contract value amounted to approximately 507 thousand rubles), the development of the book of corporate style of JSC “Gazprom household system” (224 thousand rubles.), design and issue reports on the activities of “Gazprom” (7,136 million rubles), as well as the uniform information policy with energy companies “Gazprom” (4,9 million roubles).

In 2015, the video of “Gazprom” with the slogan “Gazprom — national property” aroused the displeasure of the head of the Federal Antimonopoly service Igor Artemyev. “A national treasure, perhaps, is our people, our culture and even our bowels, hardly — OAO “Gazprom”, — said Artemyev, whose office has demanded from “Gazprom” to remove the disputed claim from their advertising.

In early January 2016, the FAS has informed that has no more claim to “Gazprom”, as the slogan of “national treasure” is no longer tied to the logo and company name and is used properly.

“The concept of “national treasure” is no longer associated with PJSC “Gazprom”, and applies to the concept of sequence — the forest, rivers, mountains, spirit, will, beauty, family, movement, tradition, light, Siberia, and appear at the end of the video the name of the company is regarded as the signature”, — quoted the press service of the FAS “Interfax”.