The correspondent of “Rosbalt” has filed a statement about the beating in the Rostov police

The correspondent of “Rosbalt” Dmitry Remizov filed a statement to law enforcement authorities in connection with the beating of his police in Rostov-on-don. He said this in comments to the information Agency.

According to the journalist, the incident occurred on August 10, the Centre for combating extremism (center “e”). Remizov was invited to the police station for questioning on criminal charges of “preparing terrorist attack in Rostov-on-don. Investigative measures conducted two police officers. The journalist said that law enforcement officials called him last night and asked what he knows about them.

“Some of these people I know, opposition activists I knew from my journalistic work”, — he said. The officer asked him if he knew “a certain smyshlyaeva”. The journalist, in his words, said he did not remember it.

“Police began to require that I said that I knew this man in 2009, and gave testimony about it. Then the police three times and hit me on the head,” — said Remizov. Police, according to the correspondent, also stated, “that can bring me to criminal liability” and “unleashed on me such Nazis, who would deal with me”, — told the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, adding that he continued to insist that the named person does not remember.

After the interrogation, said Remizov, one of the officers took him to the investigation Department of the TFR. In the corridor he was threatened with physical violence, saying “we’ll meet again”, he added.

In the study of the TFR, he was questioned as a witness, and then Remizov went to the hospital with complaints of acute pain in the head. In comments to “RIA Novosti” he said that serious damage had not found “the blows did more to frighten me.”

In the Main Department of the interior Agency announced the start of verification in connection with the statement about the beating of the journalist.

According to the “media zones”, 33-summer Maxim Smyshlyaev is a sixth year student of the correspondence Department of the Institute of history and international relations of southern Federal University. He is accused of complicity in the attack on part 3 of article 205.1 OF THE CRIMINAL CODE.