Russian long-range aviation bombed the area of Raqqa

Missile-bombers Tu-22M3 long-range aviation, Military space forces of Russia during the strike on the terrorist group ISIS

Six Russian bombers Tu-22M3 taking off from Russia struck Thursday an airstrike high-explosive ammunition on the objects of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIL) near the city of raqqa, which is considered the “capital” of the group. This was announced by the Ministry of defense of Russia, reports “RIA Novosti”.

As told in Department, Russian aviation destroyed a large field camp training ISIS at Raqqa, a warehouse of the terrorists with weapons, ammunition and fuels and lubricants, plant for the production of chemical munitions and “a large number of militants.”

The fighter air cover of bombers Tu-22M3 was carried out by su-30sm and su-35C from the airport Hamim. After completing the tasks, the bombers returned to the airbases, added to the defense Ministry.

The airstrike was the fifth of the month. Before this long-range aviation of the Russian space forces struck at ISIS positions in Syria, 12, 14 and 21 July and 8 August. Goals of the recent bombings were terrorist targets near Palmyra. Then the defense Ministry said that the result was a destroyed control points and clusters of terrorists, three APCS, 12 vehicles with heavy machine guns and “a large number of manpower of the opponent”.

July 9, the defense Ministry official acknowledged that the Syrian helicopter was shot down, and his two Russian pilots — Rafagat Khabibulin and Evgeny Dolgin died. According to official information, the pilots overflew Syrian helicopters Mi-25, however, the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing its sources claimed that it is a Russian helicopter from the air base Hamim.

Later, the Kremlin said that the blows the Russian long-range bombers can not be considered retribution for the dead pilots. “It’s all done in the ongoing operation of the Russian space forces,” — said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.