“Rostelecom” will cease to invest in bridging the digital divide”

PJSC “Rostelecom” will cease to use its own funds for the project for elimination of “digital inequality” (holding the Internet in thousands of localities). This was stated by the President of the company Sergey Kalugin, reports “Interfax”.

“We will now very closely follow the execution of the contract (between the operator and the Federal communications Agency on the project) — and we will spend as much money as you receive, we will not get into private pockets,” he said.

According to the President of JSC “Rostelecom”, are now negotiating about a possible change in the contact conditions. “The final decision (to change) yet, a contract with us remains valid in the form in which it was concluded in the beginning, while there are discussions on this topic,” — he stressed.

The project to eliminate the “digital divide” implies that “Rostelecom” will provide a backbone Internet and Wi-Fi-hotspots thousands of settlements. It was planned that this year the company will receive a total of 14.8 billion rubles for the elimination of “digital inequality”. However, due to budget adjustments to Rostelecom for this purpose was allocated 6.9 billion rubles less.

Now the company alone makes up for the lack of funding. In particular, for fulfillment of obligations under the contract, Rostelecom in 2015, has agreed with the FUND and the international infrastructure investors to Finance the project.