Gradient tights for the gym

Subject Boobs disclosed top, now reveal the theme of the legs and the fifth point elk.
Both men and women go to the gym with one goal: to get a beautiful female body. But beautiful body, I think, should be a corresponding “package”.
At first, I went to the gym in regular black tights, but then I wanted something more vibrant. Girls, we are) In the end, I was thinking about buying a new set. Along with the top was acquired gradient leggings. They attracted me with its unusual design and relatively low cost.
Well, take a look at them more closely?

. FROM – 62 – 93, I took a size M. Biting elbows, order I waited for almost a month. And finally they came! Frankly, to describe the packaging or labels of the ability I have, since the review I decided to do only after 2 months of socks, and something tells me that the reviews women’s clothing look at other photos. But I clearly show You how was a print after almost 30! washings!

Well, leggings like tights.
Poluobhvat waist — 31 cm,
on hips – 42 inches,
ride height front to the gusset– 20cm
back to the Gore – 26 cm
the length of the leg on the outer seam – 95.5 cm,
internal – 76 cm
After reading reviews, I was warned by the host of this stuff that the quality of the print – full g… Thank you prod that did not disappoint and live up to its expectations — the drawing is very sloppy: some of the abundance of blurred white dots. In General, I knew what they were doing and my problems. If the transition was smoother, almost losina there would be no complaints.

Gum from clothes is fairly wide – 5.5 cm, never crashed, kept loose, not too tight, which is good, but stitched it is just horrible and is only secured to the seams in the center. I.e. it “walks” and very often twisted. By the way, in this photo we are introduced to a faded print on the top where the white coating was minimal, it is almost gone. The benefit of this drawback, saves me a long t-shirt.

The inside of the bands

But now we look at the primary school of sewing: the terrible black bands on the stitches. Inserts do look rough and sloppy, in some places they show white artifacts — pieces of raw fabric. Here again, saves me an extra long shirt.
Damn, does anyone read to this point? Probably, girls.

Down below…
And here we have everything in order: the print is not affected even after three dozen washings. It is bright, juicy and retain all their richness.

Overall, the picture suffered only from the top.
Tights stretch very well. If desired, they can warm your hands 🙂

In General, tights crap overlooked, go to a favorite moment – fitting.
On my settings listed above, tights sit perfectly: not too tight, no pressure. I think that the larger ladies with the hips and waist 95 about 70 they, too, will sit comfortably.
My height 165 is still the stock length so they will fit taller girls.

Most of all I like that from a distance the print looks very decent and all the shortcomings of the “blur”.

Landing at elk high, just a few inches below the waist.

The elastic stretches well, the stock remained.

But the most insidious and negative, from which I am saved t-shirt: tights much Shine. And there is not even the case in the size of the fifth point, and the case in the thin fabric.

To look – looked, now about feelings. The tights really comfortable and the material is pleasant to the body. I still have 2 pairs to practice: thinner and compact, and in comparison, these are the best. They are not tight, but not feel your legs shaking like jelly. Gum no pressure, I really don’t sweat them. They are convenient! And that, in contrast to the recently surveyed top, really an option for the hall. Even print, though, and near poor, as a whole looks good from afar.

— vivid design
— comfort and convenience
— decent picture from afar
— low price
— quality (not damaged after first washing)

— poor drawing near
black gum on the stitches
— protruding fabric edges in place of black rubber bands
— loose elastic
— Shine in the area of the fifth point

In General losina solid four out of five!
All the best!