FAS called caught in the massive cartel of the company

The revealed cartel bidders for the supply of clothing and equipment for the needs of the Ministry of internal Affairs, FSB and customs, which the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has called the most massive cartel of Russia, consisted of a few large enterprises garment industry, said the FAS on Thursday in response to a request to RBC.

According to authorities, a cartel was also involved sewing factory “Paris commune”, LTD “Baltiyskaya Manufaktura”, LLC “Sewing company “Optima”, LTD “Industrial sewing Association “Yuzhanka”, “Kizel clothing factory “Initiative”, CJSC “Clothes and fashion”, “sue “Beads” and “Hope.”

According to “SPARK-Marketing”, 2011, these companies concluded with the Ministry of the interior contracts for the supply of clothing, footwear, sleeping bags, and other clothing and equipment for a total amount of almost RUB 7 billion of Contracts for RUB 4 billion were signed in 2015-2016.

In a press-service FAS of RBC said that in respect of companies convicted of violating competition law, will be instituted administrative proceedings, in which they face a penalty of from 10 to 50% of the initial maximum price of the auction. “The decision by the officials on excitation against them criminal case will take, the Ministry of internal Affairs”, — told RBC in the press service of the FAS.

FAS notes that the cartel members coordinated their actions, creating the appearance of competition in the auction, and then came out of the fight, ensuring the stability of prices and the victory of the “right” party.

On the website “the Paris commune” it is reported that the factory produces according to the orders of the Ministry of defense and Ministry of interior the white goods, as well as camouflage synthetic knitwear “Figure”.

Among the customers of “the Baltic factory” along with MIA are the emergencies Ministry and the Federal security service (FSS). On the orders of law enforcement agencies she sews summer and winter uniforms, overcoats, suits will protect you also, Cape and camouflage.

PSHO world” produces various kinds of garments from wool fabric for privates and officers of the defense Ministry, the FSB and the interior Ministry. Ivanovo CJSC “Clothes and fashion”, as reported on the website of the company, specializiruetsya in the production of jackets, tunics and trousers, and a coat of wool fabric for privates and officers of state security agencies, including the MVD, FSB, FSO and the Ministry of defense.

The list of products of Ivanovo the sue “Bead” refers to a signal vests, capes, jackets, caps and suits for police and emergency services.

Earlier on Wednesday, the FAS said the disclosure of the mass in Russia the cartel, uniting bidders for the supply of clothing and equipment for the needs of the Ministry of internal Affairs, FSB and customs bodies. In the message of Antimonopoly Department it was noted that the audit examined the activities of the 118 companies, 90 of them were found guilty of violating the law on protection of competition. According to the FAS, in terms of the collusion of the participants were 18 public auction for the sum more than 3,5 billion rubles.