Average maximum rate on ruble deposits increased to 8.83%

In the first ten days of August 2016 average maximum interest rate on ruble deposits ten credit institutions that attract the largest volume of deposits of physical persons made up 8.83%, which is 0.01 p. p. higher than in the third week of July, from the data of monitoring of the Bank of Russia.

In July 2016, the size of the bets showed a negative trend. In the first decade of July, the average maximum rate on deposits made up 9.13% in the second decade of 8.85%, in the third of 8.82%.

As he wrote on the eve of the RBC, from 10 July to 10 August, the average maximum rate on deposits with the 15 largest banks has decreased by 0.42 percentage points to 8.38% per annum. Monthly monitoring of profitability of deposits held by RBC showed that the earlier rates were reduced not so quickly: in June and 0.27 percentage points in may and by 0.24 percentage points in April — by 0.2 p. p.