The threat of explosion on Board the two aircraft in Belgium turned out to be false

Airport “Zaventem” in Brussels, may 2016

Information that on Board the two aircraft in Belgium can cause an explosion, turned out to be false, reports Reuters with reference to the reports of the Belgian broadcaster VRT.

According to the press Secretary of the Brussels airport “Zaventem”, no problem at the airport was not detected.However, a spokesman for the Federal Prosecutor’s office of Belgium had earlier said that the airport has taken security measures.

The Belgian authorities announced the threat of an explosion on Board two planes that were flying to Brussels, earlier on Wednesday. One of them flew from Oslo, he landed safely at the airport of arrival.

A journalist of the Belgian broadcasting company Woestijnvis/ProximusTV, who was on Board, in his Twitter wrote that the message about the bomb threat received by the captain of the aircraft 20 minutes before the landing of the liner. He stressed that the passengers were aware of the problem, they were allowed to leave the room after 10 minutes after landing.

Sources De Redactie was informed that the second plane belonged to a Moroccan airline. He was redirected to the airport of the French city of Toulouse, where he also landed safely.