The Paralympic Committee of Russia wrote an open letter to the head of the IOC

The head of the Russian Paralympic Committee Vladimir Lukin said that the failure of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) of the Russian team) in the admission to participation in the Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro contrary to the core principles of international law and European cultures. This is stated in an open letter Lukin the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach.

“The decision of the IPC is in stark contradiction with the basic principles of international law and European culture that underlies the Olympic and Paralympic values,” — said the head of the Russian organization.

Lukin added that to punish innocent people for possible isolated cases of doping “is very far from the principles of European humanism and of the basic European legal concepts”.

The head of the RCC also said that earlier in his statement, Bach explained the decision of the IPC significant differences in its structure from the structure of the IOC, the IPC submits that only one Federation in Russia. In turn, Lukin said that he did not agree with the position of Bach in this matter, noting that the strong differences between the Olympic and Paralympic structures no. “Within the framework of the IASC, and SIC are working actively for various Federation as sports and disabilities”, — said the head of the Russian Committee.

On 7 August, the IPC refused to admit the Russian team to participate in the Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro. Thus, the team was dismissed in full. Cause of Ineligibility was the suspension of IPC membership RCC.