The number of borrowers with five loans from the beginning of year has decreased on 12%

The number of borrowers with five or more concurrent credits decreased in the first half of 2016 by 12%, according to data from the National Bureau of credit histories (NBCH).

The largest rate of decline in the number of borrowers who have more than five loans highlighted in Voronezh (-19,6%), Rostov (-18,7%), Chelyabinsk (-17,1%) and Saratov (-16,6%).

At the same time, the lowest dynamics of reduction of this category of borrowers — in the Novosibirsk region (-3,4%), Moscow and Moscow region (-7,2% -7,5% respectively) and in St. Petersburg (-8,0%).

According to the Bureau, analyzed information 3.8 thousand lenders as a whole reduced the number of borrowers has more than one loan, albeit at a slower pace. Thus, the number of borrowers with four loans have declined over the last six months by 7.2%, with three — by 3.2%, and two — by 1.2%.