The FSB said on prevention prepared by Kiev terrorist attacks in the Crimea

FSB of Russia in the Crimea, 2015 year

FSB prevented in the Crimea, acts of terrorism, prepared by the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian defense Ministry, said in a statement on the Agency’s website. The group of saboteurs was discovered in the city of Armyansk on the night of 6 to 7 August, the report said. During the shooting killed an employee of the FSB.

On the Peninsula “liquidated intelligence network” Ukrainian intelligence. Persons assisting in the preparation of the attack, was detained. Among them — citizens of Ukraine and Russia, including the inhabitant of the Zaporozhye area, the intelligence officer Eugene gentry was born in 1977. He gives confession, says the FSB.

On the night of 8 August, the special unit of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, as speak in FSB, has taken two attempts of sabotage and terrorist groups, however, Russian security forces prevented them. Attempt to break, say the FSB, “was covered by massive attack from the neighboring States and armored vehicles of the armed forces of Ukraine”. During the fighting was killed by the Russian military.

“The purpose of sabotage and terrorist acts to destabilize the socio – political situation in the region during the period of preparation and conduct of elections of Federal and regional authorities”, — underlined in the message.