Stadium Smolny: who will finish “Zenit Arena”

The construction of the stadium “Zenit arena” in St. Petersburg

The contract with the subway

The government contract for the completion of the stadium in Saint-Petersburg “Zenit arena” on Krestovsky island worth nearly 8 billion rubles to the company “Metrostroy St. Petersburg, follows from the information on the website of public procurement: it was agreed to build a stadium for the 5.39 billion rubles, and to equip the surrounding area for 2.39 billion RUB Both tenders was held by the Committee on construction of St. Petersburg.

“Metrostroj” is already the third General contractor of the stadium, ordering the construction of which in October 2004 were signed by the then Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko: previous contracts with two construction companies — little-known “AVANTA” and “Transstroy”, which belonged to “the Base element” Oleg Deripaska, was terminated because of the fact that they repeatedly demanded to increase funding. Since the cost of construction of the main football term construction increased from 6.9 billion to RUB 40 billion and Grew its basic parameters: the area of the stadium increased from 170 sq m to 280 sq m and the capacity from 60 thousand to 68 thousand spectators. The requirements of FIFA, which will hold Russia’s confederations Cup in 2017 and the world Cup in 2018.

In addition to the transport authority of the applications for participation in the last two tenders for the construction of “Zenit Arena” was filed by three candidates — a group of “Protection”, which prepared the draft of the security systems of the stadium, the company “tekhnoprom” and “Nika-2000”. Applications of the latter two candidates, the Petersburg Committee rejected at the initial stage on formal grounds — because of the inadequacy of the provided documentation, according to the materials of public procurement. And offer “Protection” at a cost not inferior to “Metrostroj” — for their services on completion of stadium group requested less than 8 billion rubles Why the organizers chose “Metrostroy”, the representative of the construction Committee says. The representative of the “Protection” refused to comment.

“Metrostroy” was created in 1941 for the construction of St. Petersburg subway. In addition to regular contracts for the construction and reconstruction of underground, Metrostroy has built a second stage of the Mariinsky theatre, the complex of protective structures, the tunnel under the Saimaa channel. The “Metrostroy” has experience of construction of sports facilities, although not such difficult, as the arena on Krestovsky island. August 9 in St. Petersburg “Metrostroy” has inaugurated its own stadium, which is designed for 5 thousand seats.

According to “SPARK-Interfax”, 25% “Metrostroy” St. Petersburg belongs to the metro, and 21% — to Committee of property relations of St. Petersburg, of 13.62% the company’s General Director Vadim Alexandrov, still 23,84% — his son and Deputy, Nikolai Alexandrov, and the rest (16,54%) — minorities. The contract with the “Metrostroy” will give the Smolny, which is the largest shareholder of the contractor full control over the construction site and the opportunity to make their own decisions, told RBC Executive Director of Consulting company Heads Nikita Kulikov. “It all has a positive impact on the construction budget and timing. To speed up the pace, probably you will save all the subcontractors,” — said the expert.

The Problem Of “Metrostroy”

Metrostroy also acted as the subcontractor for construction of Leningrad NPP-2. For this project the company has any disagreements with the contractor — the company “Titan-2” — payment, they decide in court. In March in the “Metrostroy” the FSB carried out searches. According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the service suspected the company of fraud in the construction of the two branches of the St. Petersburg metro, the size of theft, according to the newspaper’s sources, can be several tens of millions of dollars.

In anticipation of the FIFA

According to Transstroy, a former contractor for the construction of “Zenit Arena”, the stadium was built 85%. Not yet ready engineering design sliding roof and visitandolo field, as well as power supply systems, heating and air conditioning systems, according to the website dedicated to this stadium.

Without waiting for the conclusion of the contract for the completion of the stadium, “about a week ago” the leaders of the “Metrostroy” will appear on the site, told RBC a source in the subcontractors: “They delve into graphics, eyeing, studying the volumes of work”. According to him, last month there are many new sub companies that work on verbal agreements. A source close to the “Transstroy”, believes that “Metrostroy” is likely to be able to finish building the sliding roof of the stadium. This is one of the few companies able to complete the complex engineering work, he adds.

The builders are obviously in a hurry: on Wednesday, the Minister of sports Vitaly Mutko told reporters that “Zenit arena” should be ready in December 2016, and in the spring of 2017, the Russian team will play their first match in this stadium. He also said that the problems with the stadium bother FIFA, on the international Federation plans to visit him in October.

Concern about “Zenit Arena” is clear. Stadium construction was to begin in 2004, six years before Russia won the right to host the world Cup. But the cost of construction grew, and had to change contractors. The first contract won by the company “avant”, owned by Gregory Feldman, who then held the post of Director General of “Sintez development” (enters in GK “Synthesis” ex-Senator Leonid Lebedev). In 2008, “avant said, that does not fit into the estimate, and asked to increase from 6.9 billion to 23 billion rubles. the company had good reason: the project was delayed by the state examination, and the prices of construction materials grew. Instead, the St. Petersburg authorities have terminated the contract and carried out a new tender.

The new tender was won by “Transstroy”, which at that time belonged to “the Base element” Oleg Deripaska. He promised to build a stadium for 13 billion rubles by 2010. However, during this time the company had not met, and in 2012 was forced to leave work due to the fact that delayed approval of the new stadium project and the funding stopped. The company has linked these events with the arrival of a new Governor (in August 2011 Valentina Matvienko was replaced by Georgy Poltavchenko). The project of the stadium “Zenit arena”, four were considered by Glavgosexpertiza, they were interested in and the chamber. The estimates are continuously rising, and the completion was postponed. In the end, 25 July 2016, the scandal was terminated the contract with “Transstroy”: Smolny did not like that “Transstroy” can not control their activities at the stadium and constantly requires an increase in funding.

Formally, the construction of the stadium, funded by St. Petersburg authorities. Initially they were negotiating about participation in this project with several investors, to help agreed “Gazprom”. He did not become a direct investor of the stadium, but began to transfer their structures from Moscow to St. Petersburg to pay there taxes which go including on the construction of “Zenit Arena”. “Gazprom Neft” has moved in 2006, now joined by the major departments of the gas monopoly. Now the estimate of the stadium remains at the level of 39.4 billion RUB (calculated to the last two tenders), but its increase can be discussed after the positive conclusion of state examination, told RBC representative of the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin.