Rosprirodnadzor will check the messages about the oil spill in Primorye reserve

Pacific marine UPRAVLENIE Rosprirodnadzora checks in connection with the appearance in the Internet information about the oil film in the telyakovsky Bay, which is part of the marine reserve. This is stated in the message on the Agency’s website.

It is noted that the tourists who were in South part of the Bay celakovskeho, saw traces of oil pollution of the Bay area. They suggested that the source of the contamination could be unidentified warship that docked yesterday at anchor in the southern part of the Bay.

“In accordance with the limits set by part 1 of article 5 of the Law of the Russian Federation of 21.07.1993 № 5485-1 “On state secret”, this information is sent to the Military Prosecutor of the Pacific fleet for taking measures of prosecutorial response”, — reported in management.

The waters of the Bay celakovskeho partially included in the composition of the scientific institution far Eastern marine biosphere state nature reserve Feb RAS”.

As previously reported local Agency “Vostok-Media” the Director of the biosphere reserve Sergey Dolganov, watching the Bay protection and oil spill is not fixed.

“Our conservation area is all right. We protect only the Northern part of Talakovka, in the southern part have free access, including motor boats. It is possible that rainbow film appeared due to the fact that some boat leaked fuel residue. But on any large oil spill speech, of course not,” assured Dolganov.