Redoubt “national” power supply 24V 100W

I welcome moskovciak!
Been reading online, but, apparently, it is time to write.
I decided to call the review “nedobora” because this device here is not just overlooked. For example, a respected kirich overlooked it so that to observe more detail simply makes no sense by the Way, it was his review at the time, helped not suffer with a choice (because in the vast citymagazine offers weight).
I have long wanted to replace the power supply in a makeshift soldering station tips T12 on the basis of no less popular controller.
The seller of these units is not the only one, but many buyers complain that Packed almost nothing. As a result, at best shabby appearance in the worst — failure. Unfortunately, not just hit me.
I actually decided to share with readers, as was pleasantly surprised by the delivery time (delivered to Belgorod for 15 days) and the packaging:

Everything inside is tightly Packed in paperco:
Inside luperci anti-static bag:
Inside the package — the hero of the review (remember the tale of Koshchey))):
The capacitor to power the PWM-ing is normal (in the sense of greatly reduced capacity):
But Y (or Y) capacitor turned back to us, and to the forest ahead:
Board washed from flux, all radiators are soldered to the mounting claims no:
Performance testing without load (first start using the light bulb):
The deviation in 0.5 volt did not much bother, and to adjust it with resistors in the feedback circuit is not a problem.

P. S. Goods bought with their.