KYLIN SPORT – rubber loop for training.


What a real man is not able to do the power outlet, I thought last year, and began polishing the bar at the school stadium.
The maximum speed of the pull-UPS raised from 3 to 17 times, dips from 10 to 45, the output power of two +1, one +6, the rise the coup is +10… But suddenly the body gave a failure, and for a year had to drop out of the sport.

Rubber loop “licking” a couple of years, but “amphibian” was stronger than my desires…
The result for the year in the “amoeba” physical results and ambitions of “amphibious” blown away completely, and now I have rubber and hard earned $13.57 from uncle MARK MA.

What is a rubber loop and what they need.

Information from googol.

In recent times it has become very popular to use for training rubber loop. It is very convenient and effective device that applies when doing a huge amount of muscles. Methods and applications of rubber the loops are very diverse and are limited only by your imagination. Here are some of them:

— Weight training (powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding)
— Development of technology in the martial arts and armwrestling
— Assistance in the development of exercises that use as load their own body weight (pull-UPS, dips, etc.). No wonder they are called rubber loop for pulling.
— Maintaining physical fitness outside of the gym
— Development of start speed (running, jumping, etc.)

Modern rubber loop made from 100% latex, which allows them to withstand regular loads, while maintaining constant resistance. They have two main uses — to complicate some exercises, adding a gradually increasing load as the stretch and do other exercises more accessible, facilitating weight engaged in insufficient levels of training. Form a closed loop makes it easy to hook them on the bar, fingerboard, or any other suitable surface.

To buy a rubber loop just need those people who can’t afford to go to gyms and fitness facilities due to the lack of free time. Their compact size will allow You to play sports not only at home but also on the playgrounds, in the country, on vacation.

By long mathematical calculations it was decided to take the green for training power outlets, pull-UPS and dips.

From China flew for 2 weeks. Another 2 weeks I exploited her mercilessly for a couple with one another, the total mileage amounted to more than 1500 reps (pull-UPS, parallel bars).
During this time, the paint on the letters a little pooltables, but cracks in the rubber appeared.

After 1500 iterations the rubber is not stretched and not lose its elasticity.

The review was started with the aim to verify how rubber takes kilos with the average person in the pull-UPS, so like 100-120LBS little about what they say.

Check weighing: weight 78.5 kg, height 180 cm.

In the bottom phase of the pull-UPS took 40kg, half its own weight.

In the top phase — 30 kg.

The feel of the classes

Engaged for almost a month, two weeks without rubber, two weeks with rubber, stay through the day.

Without rubber were carried out: pull UPS 5×5, 5×10 boards. Recurrence walked with difficulty, rest between sets 2-3 minutes.
With rubber: pull-UPS 10×10, 10×10 boards, rest half a minute.
For two weeks of training with rubber maximum speed in pull-UPS without the rubber increased from 6 to 11 times.
The power goes only until the rubber through one once, but the high pull-UPS work excellent.

Due to the large number of repetitions and small rest time between sets of muscles clog and is inflated amazing. 2 weeks go like in the shell, as if under the skin in the upper shoulder girdle of pumped synthol. Without rubber, this effect is not felt.
In less than a month gained 3kg “meat diet”, but here special thanks to proteinase. Clearly it became evident the gap of the legs from the torso, turned in a workout of squats, which I have collecting dust under the bed. Anyone have a barbell you can squat with rubber.


Before pullups caused me mental and physical pain, now joy. Loop allows you to smoothly raise and lower the load, remove the excess, protecting the joints and ligaments from overload!
Considering that 4 classes at the gym (which can’t do anything nutranite) stand as one loop (which will last years), the price doesn’t seem so scary.
About the money spent not a bit sorry (bought for her).


I hope this information will be useful to someone.
Thank you for your attention, see you soon.