Since my country is fundamentally no beds and greenhouse. This summer decided to make an experiment on growing a vertical garden. We already have the results, I want to share with you my accomplishments.

This was acquired:
— balcony flower boxes 80 cm – 15 pieces
— earth ready universal in bags of 10 PCs
— various seeds
— hydrogel for the garden
kit for drip-irrigation

The main component of my ideas were drip-irrigation kit.
I ordered in the winter. Paid about 1300 rubles. Now there’s this lot, but inquiring minds can easily find in the vastness of Ali similar kits or individual parts, necessary for the implementation of the “dream gardener” -)).

Valve with timer is powered by two AA batteries, should last for the entire season (3 months work).

The kit has an adapter that should work with any connections to the water supply. Flexible hose 25 meters long, enough hose for installation on all my boxes and three shrub physocarpus (physocarpus just “flooded”).
Balcony boxes standing all day in the heat, the water evaporates very quickly from soil. Hydrogel necessary for the accumulation of moisture, plant roots just grow into granules of a hydrogel. For watering, you can set various programs of inclusion. I work from 22-00 to four hours – this is enough to saturate the soil with hydrogel for the whole day. For the skeptics I will say that the hydrogel is completely safe and is used in agriculture around the world-))
In may planted a variety of seeds and covered with film to create a more comfortable environment.
Was planted: radishes, fennel, celery, parsley, chili red pepper, Basil, cucumbers(seeds), the strawberries, lettuce, red and green onions. Today, all rose, all is growing and pleases the owner of the harvest.
Radishes grown for 3 weeks – in the tray there were about 20 pieces. Dill, parsley, celery, Basil, lettuce – tear a skewer every time. Cucumbers today and I have not yet the harvest, although small bumps have appeared. Pepper will be. Strawberries granddaughter eats every day.

I want to lastly say. Did not expect that I will like to have growing greens – probably age-))