The Supreme court banned the party “Will” at the request of the Ministry of justice

Russia’s Supreme court liquidated the all-Russian political party “Volya” for spreading extremist material, having satisfied, thus, the claim of the Ministry of justice. About it reports TASS.

The order of the court liquidated the party, its regional branches and other structural subdivisions of “freedom.” “The decision is subject to immediate execution”, — said the judge.

At the meeting, the representatives of “Will” I applied for the suspension of court proceedings due to the fact that at this time the party will appeal against judicial acts on the basis of which is the claim of the Ministry of justice. The party also petitioned for carrying out philological and sociological examination leaflets “Choose open to identify it as extremist materials. In turn, the court refused the party’s petitions.

“All court decisions underlying the administrative claim, was taken without the direct involvement and notification of the party”, — said representatives of “freedom.”

As have informed Agency in the Ministry of justice, the claim about the elimination of the “Will” was filed on the basis of Federal laws”About political parties” and “On countering extremist activities” due to the spread of the “Will” of materials deemed extremist by the court and incorporated by the Ministry of justice in the Federal list of extremist materials.

We are talking about the “Will,” “Appeal to soldiers of the Russian army”, which is included in the Federal list of extremist materials. In 2015, the Leninsky district court of Yekaterinburg recognized it as extremist.

That the Ministry of justice asked the Supreme court of Russia to liquidate the party “Will” became known on August 8. Then the representative of the party said that the Ministry wants to eliminate the “Will” for extremism.