Rosimushchestvo has demanded from state-owned companies to reduce costs by 10%

Federal property management Agency sent a Directive to state-owned companies entrusts them to initiate a meeting of the Board of Directors with the request of the management to develop plans to reduce operating costs. Then once a quarter they need to report to the Board of Directors and industry Federal Agency, the newspaper “Vedomosti” received a copy of the document.

The representative of Railways has confirmed receipt of the Directive. According to him, it will be considered in the near future. The Board of Directors “Transneft” July 28, has already approved a cost reduction of 10%. In “Rosseti” plans to reduce costs by 3%, and its representative pointed out that given the long-drawn up business plans to find reserves for additional savings difficult.

According to analyst S&P Karen Vartapetov, reducing the cost of state-owned companies will allow to reduce budget expenses on subsidies to them. The representative of the Ministry of economic development agreed that this Directive the measure is necessary in the optimization of means of the Federal budget. According to him, the question of whether state-owned companies to comply with the requirements, not discussed, and exceptions can not be.