Sky News said the supply of weapons from Ukraine to Western Europe

Sky News conducted an investigation, which revealed an unlimited supply of weapons from Ukraine to Western Europe. It is published on the website of the TV channel.

As stated in the text, Sky News for months has been negotiating with the “gang from Romania”, and then she invited the reporters to come in “a distant part of the country” to show that they can provide.

“In our [Sky News] the action was not subterfuge. They [the group members] know that we are a news organization that wants to illustrate that a weapon is a relatively simple matter, but thought we were going to buy it”, — noted in the investigation.

Writes Sky News, members of the group “didn’t care who we were, if we are willing to pay. “During our meeting they said they sell [weapons] to any Bank robber, mass murderer or terrorist”, — noted in the investigation.

Members of the group call channel is a meeting place, somewhere on the other side of the street were supposed to be parked the car to the lights. Fox News employees were instructed that they, in particular, must remain in their car and not have to shooting.

There he met, reporters drove behind the car of the group “into the forest, where there was no phone signal. After that, two men in balaclavas motioned to the staff of Sky News followed them. Searched them, checked their equipment; also have taken the phones that are left in their car, and the car keys taken away.

After that, the members of the group began to show to journalists weapons that you can purchase, assuring that they can put “thousands” of instances, as well as ammunition. “We export them from Ukraine with ammunition — as much as you want,” said one of the members of the group.

“Men claimed that their weapons supplied by smuggling from Ukraine to Romania, and then went to Western Europe and the middle East,” — noted in the investigation.

In addition, members of the group said that mainly sell firearms, but they have a “close connection” with another group that specializiruetsya on heavy weapons, grenades, grenade launchers and mines.

“The growing number of brutal terrorist attacks in Europe made obvious harm inflicted by weapons in the hands of people and groups. Europe is awash with illegal weapons, and the Schengen agreement makes it virtually impossible to track and stop his movement”, — stressed in conclusion, Sky News.

Traditionally, the channel says, the attacks are characterized by the use of bombs, however currently the situation has changed: automatic weapons “kill more people — it is easier to transport and much easier to use.