Venediktov found the owner of the aircraft Shuvalov”

Chief editor of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov

Venediktov in its authoring transmission on the radio station “Echo of Moscow” said that the Bombardier was acquired by an offshore company Regional Property Developments Ltd Igor and Olga Shuvalova in 2009, the proceeds of the loan provided to the company Suleiman Kerimov on the acquisition of securities of “Gazprom”. Chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” results in confirmation of his words, the material of the newspaper “Vedomosti” on 12 may 2012, in which there is a phrase: “On account of Shuvalov’s company then it’s $80-100 million and a third of them were spent on the purchase of the aircraft”.

Next Venediktov recalled that in 2013 the State Duma adopted a decision on foreign investment, government officials, and at the same time Shuvalov made a decision to transfer their foreign companies in Russia. However, two companies, one of which (Altitude) owned the aircraft under the laws of those countries could not be translated into Russian, says Venediktov. “Then the Shuvalov family decided to give the Altitude my adult son Eugene. The transaction was concluded on 31 July 2013. The act of sale I saw,” – said Venediktov.

“So Olga and Igor this plane no, because he, along with the company belongs to their son.” – specifies the chief editor of “Echo of Moscow”.

Venediktov also said that Shuvalov still use the plane. According to him, there is a contract in which Venediktov saw personally between Altitude and individuals with Igor and Olga Suvorovym. According to him, the plane serves them on request for money. “I saw the invoices. From their personal accounts in VTB Bank Igor Shuvalov and Olga Shuvalova pay for these flights,” – emphasizes Venediktov. Moreover, as noted by the chief editor of the radio station, the money not only gets the company of the son, but the Global Jet, which is engaged in the maintenance of the aircraft.