Turkish high schools in Kazakhstan will test the connection with the opponents of Ankara

In Kazakhstan will test the Turkish schools in touch with the forces operating against Turkey. This was stated by President Nursultan Nazarbayev at a joint press conference with Turkish leader Recep Erdogan, reports Kazinform.

“We never supported the forces working against Turkey, it’s not in our interests. So we agreed today that the Ministry of education of our countries will establish a working group and will check every school”, — said Nazarbayev. He emphasized that especially for this working group will be established of representatives of ministries of education in both countries. Thus, according to him, the authorities had carried out an inspection of the schools and came to the conclusion that they had not broken any laws.

“Working schools in Kazakhstan are the schools of our state. In these schools classes are held in four languages. In Kazakh, Russian, English and Turkish language. 90% of teachers working in these schools, are citizens of Kazakhstan, and only 8-9% of teachers come from Turkey to teach children”, — said Nazarbayev, noting that schools funded by local authorities.

In mid-July in Turkey there was a coup attempt. Coup seized government buildings in Ankara and Istanbul, but Erdogan managed to bring the situation under control. In Turkey there are mass layoffs and detention of people who, according to Ankara, was involved in the rebellion. The ideologist of the coup authorities believe Islamic preacher Gulen Fethullah living in the United States.