The installation of the monument to Prince Vladimir began to prepare without the approval of UNESCO

The Moscow Department of the overhaul began to work on the landscaping in preparation for the installation of the monument to Prince Vladimir on the Borovitskaya square in Moscow. According to “Kommersant”, the city authorities and the Russian military historical society argue that the revised draft was agreed upon at UNESCO, but the organization itself, the newspaper said that the examination is not yet complete.

“This project has been coordinated with UNESCO, as being in the buffer zone of the UNESCO site [Moscow Kremlin], and not adversely affecting this object”, — said the Executive Director of RVIO Vladislav Kononov. He also added that work has already begun and the monument opened on 4 Nov.

However, in response to the letter of “Kommersant” in UNESCO stated that “additional comments on the revised draft will be provided to the Russian authorities as soon as their review is completed by the Advisory bodies”.

The Ministry of culture has also not confirmed the approval of the project of the monument with UNESCO. The Ministry said that after consultations with experts and adjustments necessary documents are sent to the world heritage Centre. “Reactions from close cooperation with the UNESCO office had not received”, — reported in the Ministry. However, its representatives declined to answer the question of whether to begin construction without the consent of UNESCO.

Permanent observer to the sessions of the world heritage Committee and scientific Secretary of the heritage Council of the Union of architects of Russia Irina Zaika in conversation with the newspaper, admitted that the beginning of site preparation for the monument without the consent of UNESCO could lead to a new sredozemnom scandal. This was confirmed by the publication and sources, the Ministry of culture.