In Paris evacuated the Eiffel tower visitors

Paris police evacuated tourists from the Eiffel tower, according to BFM-TV.

According to TV channel, the evacuation was made after the detection of abandoned someone backpack. According to witnesses, there is a large number of police and military.

However, as Reuters reports, the alarm was false.

After the terrorist attacks on 13 November in France, was introduced a state of emergency, which was extended three times already. The last time was after the attack in nice, when the truck rammed the crowd gathered on the waterfront to watch fireworks in honor of the national holiday.

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The truck crashed into a crowd in nice

White truck on the evening of 14 July, drove into the crowd to celebrate the Bastille Day of citizens on the promenade des Anglais in nice. According to recent reports, the death toll was 84 people. The driver…

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