Parking assist sensor 95720-3U100 for KIA/HYNDAI

All kind time of day.

Today’s review will focus on the Chinese version of the original Parking assist sensor 95720-3U100 for vehicles KIA/HYNDAI. Bought it for installation in Kia Sportage 2012 production. Running a little forward I want to say that all went well and works better than the native.

So, with the recent acquisition of a new car, we are faced with the problem of slowly dying sensors rear Parking sensors. At first it worked, then not worked, and then fell into “emergency” mode and in the reverse gear beeper is constantly signaled that the machine is at a minimum distance from the obstacle, and on the screen appeared the icon of the machine svidetelstvuet about the same. Live it looked as follows:

I can tell you that it’s not the most pleasant environment to drive in reverse 🙂 a Little googling, I came to the conclusion that the problem with Parktronic cars of this model problem is frequent and very common, so to speak — a disease which is treated by the replacement of dead sensor for a new one. After sitting a little more at the computer, I learned that the original sensor Parktronic, located on cents (or rather two internal sensor) have a code 95720-3U100, and the two external sensor 95720-3U000. They differ in the form of legs (connectors): the side sensors it is smooth, and the Central bent.

Remembering how dead sensors, I came to the conclusion that I had the Central sensor, and maybe even two. Examining proposals for new parts I was subjected to a shock — the original sensor is 227,16 new denominated rubles (about $110), an analog can be taken for 83,52 rubles (about $41,5). Just awful, not price.

Proposals for dismantling as much optimism did not inspire — b/ear options without warranty of any kind requested from $25-30. And then it dawned on me, remembering how I bought a sensor PDC for Peugeot on Aliexpress, I decided to try their luck once again. Scoring the sensor number in the search bar, I was more than pleasantly surprised — there were several dozen, if not more. I selected not a very popular seller, in terms of number of reviews) but with a very nice price. The new sensor cost me only $11.5, which is 10 times cheaper than the original or almost 3 times cheaper b/ear option with disassembly. The seller was fast and sent the sensor fairly quickly, while providing it with a track. Route the sensor from China to Belarus can be viewed here.

He came in a small white cardboard box which was wrapped in duct tape so that no scissors to open it failed. Any identifying marks on the box did not have the handwritten code (or maybe just a series of numbers) 🙂

By itself, the sensor to photograph, I did not, so a couple of photos with the old original version. The view from the top:

Side view:

The old sensor is dirty is the new clean. Any scratches or other damage on it I discovered. Differences in symbols minimum, all codes are identical. Form are also the same. The biggest difference between silicone and commissioning: the new it is white and has a wider field, and the old black and more narrow.

Nothing more interesting in the appearance of the sensor is not, so you can move to. At first I thought that, as in the Peugeot, you have to remove the bumper to access the mounting location. However, as revealed in the study of materiel, the Central sensor can be changed without removing the bumper (but for the replacement side to remove the bumper still have) — they have access to the underside of the vehicle, under the bumper. For more comfort, you can drive the car to the pit, and it is possible to contrive to get it just so problems with it should not be. Most important thing is to loosen the clamps (top and bottom) that hold the sensor. That’s how it looks from the inside:

Carefully remove the old sensor, disconnect it from the wiring to them new and set it into place. Then check the performance of our purchase. Includes a reverse gear and hear a short beep, indicating that the system Parking assistance is active. On reaching the wall of the garage on the screen appeared the silhouette machine with a display barrier exactly (it really is):

Everything works, and even clear errors was not necessary. 🙂

Summarizing all that is written above, I can say that it is more than good buy. First, it is very advantageous from a financial point of view. Second, the sensor is new (though from Aliexpress) and maybe he will live much longer than had already managed to work the option of disassembly (which is much more expensive). And thirdly, it works. And at once 🙂 No manipulation, dancing with tambourines, reconnection — all start with the first attempt and I want to believe that to change I have soon 🙂

This, perhaps, everything. Thank you for your attention and your time.