Attacking people in London turned out to be a Norwegian of Somali origin

Police in Central London, where they were attacked people with a knife, 4 August 2016

The suspect in the attack on people with a knife in London — a person of Somali origin with a Norwegian passport, reports Reuters with reference to the assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan police Mark Rowley.

According to him, to talk about the terrorist motives of the attack impossible, as evidence of the “radicalization” of the detainee is not available. Most likely, said the assistant Commissioner, we are talking about mental problems. “All the work that we have done so far indicates that the cause of the incident were mental problems,” he said.

“We believe that it was a spontaneous attack and that the victim was chosen at random”, — said the assistant Commissioner.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Norway reported that the suspect emigrated from Norway to the UK in 2002 (that is, he was about 5 years old), reports The Guardian.

Additionally, Rowley said that the deceased in the attack was a US citizen. Suffered by the citizens of the United States, Israel, Australia and the UK. Life-threatening wounds they have, the Commissioner said.

19-year-old young man with a knife attacked passers-by on Russell square, which is located in the heart of London near the British Museum, in the night of Thursday, August 4, Moscow time. The attack killed 60-year-old woman and five people were injured.

The law enforcement officers managed to detain the suspect using a Taser. He was later arrested.

Rowley has previously described the terrorism as one of the possible versions in the investigation of the attack. In addition, he noted that “mental state” of the detainee is “an important factor in this incident and one of the main lines of the investigation.