The media learned about the secret White house payment of $400 million to the Iranian authorities

Bundles of Euro notes and Swiss francs

According to The Wall Street Journal, in January, the US gave Iran $400 million in cash. Wooden containers with Euro and Swiss francs were transported on a cargo plane without identification marks in January of this year. Some time later, the Iranian authorities released the four detainees across the country of Americans, including Washington Post journalist Jason Resolana.

The secret transfer of funds happened in those days, when Iran signed a nuclear deal allowing for the lifting of sanctions against the country. When Tehran agreed to release the Americans, Barack Obama said that “it’s time to complete another dispute”, but did not say a word about the fact that Iran has paid $400 million.

The publication indicates that after the payment of money in January, Iranian authorities have detained several people with dual citizenship, including passports of the United States, France, Canada and the UK.