The leader of the socialist party will hold a debate under the pseudonym OxxxyMironov

Sergei Mironov, the party leader “Fair Russia” will participate in the online debate “debate” rules rap contest under the alias OxxxyMironov.

“Rules of conduct debate borrowed from the popular YouTube rap battles,” — said in a message posted on the Youtube channel of the party.

The competition must go through “several rounds”. During these opponents will talk about his election program and the weaknesses of political opponents using the “rhymed recitative”. All participants will be performing under the pseudonym,” reads the message of the party.

The experts of the Committee on political technologies of RASO (Russian Association of public relations) think that “Fair Russia” will not pass in the state Duma at the end of the next election. Almost half the respondents (45%) were not confident that SRS will be able to overcome the 5% barrier needed to enter the lower house of Parliament.

The minor party base electorate, fuzzy ideology and the lack of bright leaders mentioned in the report of the RPRA. In the state Duma in the end just get only three parties — United Russia, LDPR and the Communist party. Their chances to get into Parliament, the experts evaluated as one hundred percent.