The Central Bank has revealed the fact of manipulating the shares of NCSP and “Russian grids”

The Bank of Russia announced the detection of facts of repeated manipulation of the Moscow stock exchange prices of shares in several Russian companies, including PJSC “Novorossiysk commercial sea port” and PJSC “Russian grids”. As the message on the website of the Bank of Russia, series of similar transactions have also been held with the JSC “Ural smithy”, JSC “Chernogorneft”, PJSC “Kovrov mechanical plant”, JSC “Saratov oil refinery”. We are talking about the period from 27 may 2015 to 2 September 2015.

During the inspection the regulator found that raised suspicion surgery was performed with one another in relationships Yuri Alexandrovich and Alexander Ivanovich Gisenyi.

In a statement the Central Bank noted that the transaction was carried out by prior agreement between the parties and resulted in significant deviations of supply and demand and the level of prices and trading volume. “The proportion of contractual transactions in the total trading volume of the instruments in a number of days of [the specified] period ranged from 82% to 100%, therefore, in these days Zhilyaev, Y. A. and Zhilyaev, A. I. is fully formed, the price of the shares”, — underlined in the message of the Central Bank.

The Bank of Russia explained that taken Gisenyi actions are prohibited by law to manipulate markets, and the perpetrators are brought to administrative responsibility.