Kerry expressed concern about the humanitarian operation of Russia in Aleppo

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry said that his office has not yet decided what to call it humanitarian operation of Russia in Aleppo, Syria, where Moscow announced on Thursday, July 28.

“We are deeply concerned about definitions, I negotiated with Moscow twice within 24 hours,” Kerry quoted by Reuters. According to him, “there is a risk that it’s a trick that will destroy the achieved level of cooperation.”

“On the other hand, — said Kerry,” if we resolve this issue today and get a full understanding of what’s going on and reach an agreement on the way forward before we can really open up new opportunities.” The Secretary of state did not explain with whom he was negotiating.

Earlier, Moscow flatly refused to consider the operation of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation in Aleppo preparing for the assault. “Where have you ever heard the statement that it is preparing to assault? You have not heard. This preparation of humanitarian operations”, — said Peskov. In his opinion, “no reason to doubt it.

On 28 July the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu announced the start of humanitarian operations in Aleppo. According to him, this is done on behalf of President Vladimir Putin. The Minister explained that the Russian center for conciliation of conflicting parties, cooperation with the Syrian authorities open up some passages for the escape of people from Aleppo. The civilian population promised to provide hot meals and medical assistance.

Shoigu said that the release of civilians, “were taken hostage in the terrorists” will be created three corridors. Another corridor will be open for the safe passage of militants and weapons. To inform people about the corridors will be by means of leaflets and SMS messages.