US intelligence found the explanation “Russian trail” in the correspondence of the Democrats

Hackers involved in hacking email the Democratic party of the United States, could deliberately write “Russian trace”, told Reuters three officials from the American intelligence, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Officials noted that the current hacker attack was less sophisticated than others. In the words of one interviewee, the hackers may have deliberately use some Cyrillic characters in the metadata and specifically not to work during religious or state holidays in Russia.

“These guys were either incredibly sloppy, then in this case, it is unclear how they could go so far without being detected, or they wanted to show us that they are Russian,” said one official.

Experts from private sector cybersecurity agreed that there is some evidence of involvement in the attack, Russian hackers. However, they rejected the suggestion that hackers might intentionally keep the “Russian trace”.

One expert noted that generally Russian hackers are harder to catch than hackers from China. However, as Reuters writes, in the last two years, Russian hackers have become more aggressive, thus they became easier to detect, especially if they try to do the work in a short time.